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@The meaning of "Ningen Zen" is "Zen cultivation of the human spirit" and "Kyodan" is Sangha in Sanskrit, a group of Buddhist followers.

@@This Kyodan aims to establish eternal peace in the world by turning the wheel of the Four Great Vows throughout each life.

@@The origin of Ningen Zen Kyodan can be traced back to the beginning of the Meiji Era(1868-1912).The Zen lay practitioners Yamaoka Tesshu, Takahashi Deishu and other top leaders of our country asked Soryu-kutsu Imakita Kosen Roshi, the chief abbot of Engaku-ji Temple in Kamakura, to establish a group for intensive Zen meditation (the later Ryobo-Kai) in order to train promising figures, being anxious for the future of the State.

@@Later in the Taisho Era (1912-1926) this group was reestablished by Ryobo-an Shaku Sokatsu Roshi, the heir of Ryoga-kutsu Shaku Soen Roshi, as "Layman's Zen", newly opened the gate of the qualification of the transmission of Dharma Seal to laypersons. This was a revolutionary significance in the history of Zen Buddhism.

@@It was Koun-an Tatsuta Eizan Roshi (1893-1979) who further developed the group into "Ningen Zen Kyodan" of non-priest or non-secular humanity, after the Second World War.

@@Studying biology at Tokyo Imperial University, he had continued his Zen practice under Ryobo-an Roshi and had been transmitted the Dharma Seal.

Join us to explore your wonderful world of
Zen to clear and simplify your mind.
Zen can help you to control your own mind to ease
your anxiety and depression.
Zen can contribute to establish eternal peace in the world.

@@Presently there are 16 chapters and 16 Dojos (Zen Meditation Center), and four sub-chapters across Japan, where 12 authorized Zen Masters, who have been transmitted the Dharma Seal of Koun-an Roshi are guiding trainees. (Please see the details in "About Ningen Zen Kyodan")

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If you want to practice Zen meditation, have any questions, or want to make reservation of newcomer orientation class, please contact following;

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Contact person:

Bukko Tanaka

(Vice-secretary for overseas relations promotion. English speaking instructor for orientation class)


Bukko Tanaka (+81-90-3086-1184 or +81-55-974-4464)



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